Tenor Low Carbon new Energy Technology (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and registered at the Industrial Incubation Base of Dalian University of Technology. Through cooperation with thermal power departments, environmental departments, mechanical departments, inorganic materials and other disciplines of HIT and Dalian University of Technology, the company focuses on designing and developing complete sets of small urban waste incineration technologies; Focusing on the application of technologies such as furnace arches, modular assembly, and dust reduction and dioxin removal inside the furnace to ensure full combustion of waste.

Reliable performance of waste incineration treatment equipment
Complete design of waste incineration line
Intelligent cloud platform management mode
High quality and efficient after-sales service
Daily treatment of 50~200 tons of waste incineration system
Tenor small waste incineration system was developed by Tenor Low Carbon New Energy Technology (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. and Dalian University of Technology research team. incineration system including hopper, feeding machine, stoker furnace, ash hopper, slag removal system, transport aircraft and combustion chamber, suitable for daily capacity of 50 to 250 tons/d of small domestic waste incineration projects.
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